Tamia : Stranger In My House

Tamia : Stranger In My House


The anonymous Tamia releases limp MOR-fest...

Sure, she’s the ‘Grammy Award-winning’ vocalist in the States, but to anyone but the pillow-talk obsessed, Tamia’s name is more often than not followed by the word ‘who?’ And this release (its pervy video resides in the video section below) goes nowhere to altering that problem.

Incredibly bland in execution, intent and message, Tamia’s personable and at times powerful voice makes a meal of this MOR-ish tale, but the meal is inordinately garnished in syrup. Which explains why there’s an abundance of remixes – from Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def which has under-used the sample of MC Shan’s ‘The Bridge’ and sounds unintentionally limp.

Or there’s Maurice’s Soul Radio Mix (check out that name ravers – makes you just wanna rush the DJ booth doesn’t it?) which fails to disguise the banality of the original; or there’s Mike Rizzo’s Radio Mix which, frankly, sounds like he’s submitted the Steps remix he was working on instead. All in all an embarrassing European introduction to the (still) anonymous Tamia.

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