Linkin Park : Papercut

Linkin Park : Papercut

Trouble is, there's so much of this nu-metal stuff around...

By naming themselves after the public gardens found in every US town, Linkin Park were born

to sturdy ubiquity. Trouble is, there’s so much of this nu-metal stuff around, all of it claiming

to have some kind of weather system inside its head (here, a [I]”whirlwind”[/I]) or a metaphorical medical upset ([I]”a face beneath your skin”[/I]), keeping up with it is nigh on impossible. ‘Papercut’

is another single from the globe-conquering ‘Hybrid Theory’ LP

and looks set to be their biggest UK hit to date. I don’t know… It’s probably best to draw a red baseball cap over the whole affair.Victoria Segal