Jamiroquai : Little L

Jamiroquai : Little L


Jay Kay's back with a biting commentary on his failed relationship with Denise...

Odd, when you think about it, that other British jazz funk artists like funksters Jamiroquai don’t get a look in when it comes to radio playlists. Should we be grateful that at least one act is flying the flag for boogie-woogie, or resentful (as lead singer Jay Kay is) that the media concentrate on the group’s non-musical endeavours rather than their musical relevance at a time when Britneys (most popular pop act) and Whitneys (biggest recording industry contract) rule the roost..

It’s gratifying then that Jamiroquai have a number of musical faces to present on each release. The creative marriage between lead singer Jay Kay and keyboardist Toby Smith has once again resulted in a healthy birth – a clipped, some would suggest biting, song about love’s depletion and the complacency that inspired it. This is apolitical Jamiroquai (the group’s name, in part, relates to the name of a Native American Indian tribe, remember). This is bouyant, big band meets disco-inspired shimmy shimmy-yah. This is excellent.

Soul mama