Libertines : What A Waster

Libertines : What A Waster

A new dawn has come, brothers and sisters...

[a]Jam[/a]with Tourettes. Tommy Steele and Chas & Dave on a bad day dahn ver Spurs. Or, in the rhyming slang parlance of their East End homeland, The Vodka And Cokes.

Whatever your take on the novelty plastic soul of this record (encapsulated in lines like “[I]What a divvy/What a fuckin’ div/Talking like a moron/Walking like a spiv[/I]” and the bits where they go all wobbly-cockney like Madness in a tumble drier), there’s no denying that it’s a brilliantly invigorating no-wave racket [a]Libertines[/a]make. Raw, raucous and indecently spunky, it’s ‘Going Underground’ in an infant school playground bundle and the perfect foil to The Eighties Matchbox’s dark-eyed portent, having more tunes in it than it’s capable of supporting without massive benefit fraud.

A new dawn has come, brothers and sisters, and ‘What A Waster’ is its Breakfast Show jingle.

Mark Beaumont