Eminem : Lose Yourself

Eminem : Lose Yourself


As ‘8 Mile’ is a ‘Rocky’ for the 21st century, its fitting that the film’s title track should rattle along with the vim of a hip-hop ‘Eye Of The Tiger’. Forsaking the free-form comedy of ‘Without Me’ or the introspection of ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’, Eminem

instead resorts to a series of gut-punches, detailing a life where “[I]success is the only motherfucking option[/I]”.

Ironically, this is Eminem

out of character, the worried father who works relentlessly to succeed but then “[I]goes home and barely knows his own daughter[/I]”. It is real, it is difficult and it is the sound of a man racing so far ahead of his peers – both inside and out of hip-hop – that the competition must be embarrassed. Genius.

Paul McNamee