The Radio Dept : Why Won’t You Talk About It?

The Radio Dept : Why Won't You Talk About It?

Swedish people who have formed a top-hole pop group...

It would be difficult for me to imagine liking this record any more than

I actually do right at this very

moment. Call me a sentimental

old Susan, but whenever I hear a guitar getting overloaded and strangled to the point where it begins screaming in tortured agony, all I hear is the

most sublime, beautiful noise. As it was with The Jesus

And Mary Chain and, more pertinently, the deeply

wonderful Flying Saucer Attack, so it is with The Radio Dept.

As for the song, it sounds to me like someone’s had

a barney with their squeeze and has retreated to a nearby barn to make a noise like a backfiring combine harvester while griping away about how she doesn’t understand

him. This is, in all honesty, heroic behaviour and actually the only real reason there is to listen to pop music in the first place. If it weren’t for infuriating partners we’d all

have to pack up and go home as there’d be nothing left

to say. Luckily, the world is full of them, so there’s no danger on that score.

Anyhow, imagine ‘Why Won’t You Talk About It?’ as

a sturdy tin bucket and picture the squalling feedback

and dreamily melodic – although barely there – vocals slopping about inside. Watch it, some’s going over the edge! Now imagine tipping the whole lot over your own head and feeling the contents cover you completely.

Feels good, yes? What do you mean, no? Are you some

sort of pervert?

The Radio Dept, from Malmo if you’re interested, are

the sort of band who you wish you were in as soon as

you hear them, which is a good start. That the other four tracks on this single are as good as the first makes me

want to expire with joy.

Rob Fitzpatrick