Lars Horntveth : The Joker Smalltown Supersound

Lars Horntveth : The Joker Smalltown Supersound

Graceful Norwegian music...

Norwegian person constructs unbelievably graceful instrumental

Not, sadly, a cover of Steve Miller’s 1974 classic (don’t front – those bluegrass harmonies are the bomb!), but still high quality. Horntveth is the man behind

Jaga Jazzist, a ten-piece outfit who have radically retooled – gulp – jazz, and come up with something a little more experimental. He’s also written for psycho-metallers [a]Turbonegro[/a], so you can imagine it’s not quite Acker Bilk we’re dealing with here. ‘The Joker’, though, is in a universe all of its own, touching on ocean-deep electronica, groovy string quartets, minimalist jungle and tropicalia. [a]Four Tet[/a] have turned in their best remix in about three years, too – a jumble of spliced beats trimmed down to tiny shards, seemingly by some monomaniacal lunatic with some dangerous fucking scissors – so it’s all good.

Rob Fitzpatrick