Chromeo : Me And My Man

Canadian boombox loverboys bug out...

Music might make the people come together, but as Chromeo’s Pee Thug and Dave 1 could probably tell you, a chance of some sweaty sexing action always sweetens the deal. An Arab guy and a Jew dude from Montreal, Pee and Dave have managed to ignore the fact that the other seeds laid by their forefathers are attempting to blow each other up, and instead choose to communicate in the international language of getting freaky. It goes like this: drop the insane monkey-drummer beat, pull out the talkbox – last documented use: Peter Frampton’s 1976 bad-tasterpiece ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ – and hit it with a goofy splurge of [a]Run DMC[/a], [a]Prince[/a] and LCD Soundsystem. Hey presto: a funkadelic plastic explosive for any dancefloor worthy of its neon sweatbands.
Louis Pattison