The Zutons : Remember Me

Where's me washboard? Aha, here it is...

It’s a bizarre irony that the founding father of the Cosmic Scouse boom, [a]The La’s[/a]’ Lee Mavers, has been holed up in a Liverpool studio for the last decade, desperately trying to alchemise the perfect production sound to match his Merseyside pop muse. Why? Because his bastard Mersey children make pop sound so impromptu, so instinctive, and so natural it’s virtually impossible to comprehend there might be any graft behind it: take [a]The Zutons[/a]’ ‘Remember Me’, a skiffle-tinged hobo ramalama of country-twang pedal steel, rag-and-bone man percussion and reedy saxophone that sees frontman Dave McCabe lamenting his status as jilted best friend like his little heart might break. This week’s cutesy retro delight.
Louis Pattison