Lemonescent : All Right Now

Cashmore, you're sacked!...

And so what little credibility this reviewer ever had as a serious music critic is finally flushed down a very deep toilet. And I don’t care. Because this is brilliant. Yes it’s a cover of that Free song, yes it’s by five psychopathically hyperactive Scottish ladies – Leona, Shonagh, Emma, Sarah and Nikki – who act like they were drip-fed tartrazine for their entire childhood, and yes, you’ll hate it. But the fact is the sun is shining outside, the days are full of cider, laughter and gossamer-thin summer dresses, and when the girlies plunge into the chorus with all the grace, zeal and deadly intent of striking peregrines, everything seems alright with the world. At least as good as the [a]Sugababes[/a]’ ‘Round Round’, and that’s one of the best records ever.

Pete Cashmore