Selfish Cunt : Authority Confrontation

Not yet banned from Moseley Jug Of Aleā€¦

Those of a more sensitive disposition might wish to skip the rest of this review as there’s a cuss coming up about, ooh, six words from now. Yes, east London pottymouths [a]Selfish Cunt[/a] are back with a new single, the cover of which notes all of the venues in our nation’s proud capital that they’ve been barred from. That this list contains both posho art-hag hangout the ICA and the web entrepreneur’s juke joint of choice The Egg is clearly a reason to admire Martin Tomlinson and the one with the beard even more. If only they stopped making the kind of sub-Cabaret Voltaire synth dirges last deemed dangerous one slow afternoon in 1983 and just travelled round the country fighting audiences in different towns every night, then Dalston would be the new Detroit and some pensioners somewhere would be very scared.
Pat Long