TV On The Radio : Staring At the Sun

TV On The Radio : Staring At the Sun

TV? On the radio? How's that good?...

TV? On the radio? How’s that good?

With their brown rice image, Masonic conspiracy theories, crazy hair and jet-

age doo wop sound, New York quintet

[a]TV On The Radio[/a] are the kind of group that only music journo geeks ever get excited about.

For once, though, we shouldn’t be shackled outside

a burning Rough Trade shop for children to throw rotten

fruit at, as ‘Staring At The Sun’ is sublime enough to even

be enjoyed by people who don’t collect coloured vinyl.

Plus, while we’re surfing the wave of pro-music journo geek goodwill, one of the B-sides sounds like old ’60s poet maniacs The Fugs, whose albums you should go and listen to before reading any further. They’re good, honest.
Pat Long