Young Heart Attack : Starlite

(Cardiac) arresting rock'n'growl from Texan troublemakers...

There may be little new in YHA’s

Cro-Magnon approximation of classic

rock’s ‘oeuvre’ but – as new single ‘Starlite’ so spiritedly attests – there’s gold in them thar fret-fiddling hills: a down-home simplicity that suggests clinging like irony-free lichen to a preset palette of possibilities – sub-section ‘rawkanrawwwwlll’ – will nab you all kind of sincerity-related kudos. Accordingly, ‘Starlite’ is nothing short of a wing-ding. The organ’s overjoyed because it won first place in a [a]Who[/a] soundalike competition and ace singer Jennifer is triumphant because, as she herself explains, she’s “alive… alive… alive!” (Trailer) trash and celebratory treasure, the way Uncle Sam intended. Tuck in.
Sarah Dempster