Tiga : Pleasure From The Bass

Tiga : Pleasure From The Bass

Peachy house music homage…

Frankly, recommending a record dedicated to Axl Rose sticks in NME’s craw, Guns N’ Roses being the most monumentally wank band this side of Mötley Crüe.

But what can we do? Canadian electro wiz Tiga has got us by the balls because, across these 12 sleek black inches, ‘Pleasure From The Bass’ does sensational things with some old Chicago house beats,

a bustling 303 bassline and myriad high-pitched acieeed squiggles. It would have blown the roof off the Haçienda

in 1989, yet the production and Tiga’s lascivious vocal bring

it bang up to date. Thankfully, it is also dedicated to Parisian DJ Ivan Smagghe, one half of tech-noir freaks Black Strobe. Which is much better.
>Tony Naylor