The Shins : Fighting In A Scak

Terrible name, great single...

Firstly, a gripe. As band names go, The Whateverpluralnounhasn’tbeentakenyets may sound more like a small Welsh mining hamlet, but it’s certainly a large fucking improvement on The Shins, the kind of name designated to perennial support bands in Barflys the length of the land. Secondly, a compliment; the name above the credits is the only hint of laziness about this single. Cynics might highlight the age-old mathematical construct of Wordy Melody + Harmonica Solo = Dylanesque, or warn that this much Sunny D-fuelled goodness is bad for the E-number intake, but it takes

the heart of an [a]Interpol[/a] fan not to love this record. As bouncy, shambolic and cute as a litter of puppies. In a sack. That you’re having second thoughts about dropping off that bridge.
Barry Nicholson