The Go! Team : The Power Is On

The lights are on and the mentalists are home...

Living in Glasgow, this writer is familiar with a number of ‘teams’. There’s the Pollok Young Team – keeping the monks of Buckfast brewing since 1992 – the Crookie Young Fleeto, and the Barrhead Mad Squad, to name but three (Get on with it, ‘Irvine’ – Ed). Yet, nifty though they are when it comes to sporting baseball caps at improbable angles, it’s unlikely they could come up with anything like this. Akin to watching Kill Bill Vol 1 on acid, ‘The Power Is On’ makes like an army of marching Japanese majorettes wielding nun-chucks rather than batons. It’s the B-side you’ll fall in love with, though: ‘The Ice Storm’ is the most beautiful piece of music we’ve heard all year. Shame it’s bloody July.
Barry Nicholson