Oasis : Shakermaker

Oasis : Shakermaker

Originally published in NME, June 18 1994

(Single of The Week, June 18 1994).

Predictable, maybe, but even in a fantastic week for singles, inevitable. Which just goes to show that, as starts go, Oasis’ has been pure Ben Johnson at the 1988 Olympics: devastating, effortless, triumphant. And, of course, ‘assisted’.

Fortunately, there are no urine tests in pop, so this almighty second single will undoubtedly grant the brothers Gallagher access to the world of ’Top Of The Pops’ and mass adoration.

They deserve it, too: for in much the same way that my entire life has been but a tawdry dress rehearsal for “doing” the NME singles, one suspects that Oasis’ entire existence has been leading up to this moment.

By rights, ‘Shakermaker’ should lack the colossal impact of ‘Supersonic’, but from the second they unapologetically strike up a crunching, gob-smacking 12-bar boogie you know this is going to be one unspeakably cool record. And, by the time Liam’s vocals loll out of the speaker in the ultraconfident fashion of the natural star, half-inching the ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’ melody along the way, you know you’re dealing with greatness.

The three other tracks are more formulaic (especially the hey-let’s-write-a-B-side dippiness of ‘D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?’), but sod it, it’s A-sides that matter. Even minus ‘that’ line, this is a Coca-Cola Classic of a record.

Mark Sutherland

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