Danger Mouse : Encore

Legendary mash-up - now with visuals…

It’s at times like these that you realise quite how lacking in imagination most bands are. Despite this ‘release’ being so illegal it’s getting websites pulled the second it lands on them, the ‘Grey Video’ – ostensibly a film put together to promote Danger Mouse’s ‘Encore’ (an unobtainable record in itself) – is a piece that appears to be the result of an enormous amount of weed-smoking and bizarre wish-fulfilment. No cobbled-together bum-gravy flag-waving, this is art with a capital Fuck Off You Shit-Eating Lawyer Scum and we should feel honoured to be allowed to eat soup in the same room as it.

DM’s marriage of Jay-Z and The Beatles has now moved from mere audio to sumptuous video by lifting huge chunks from The Beatles’ performance from A Hard Days Night and mixing Jay-Z into the fabric of the ancient, monochrome footage. Then it gets really weird. Ringo’s drums turn to decks. John takes off his suit jacket and starts body-popping, Paul and George drop through the floor only to be replaced by shuffle-butt dancers. The absurdity of The Beatles’ lawyers trying to crush something so playfully respectful will astound you. Absolutely brilliant.

Rob Fitzpatrick