Kasabian : Butcher Blues (Live at Islington Academy)

The ghosts of baggy future, anyone?

One of the more mental moments of bong-fuelled madness on their debut album, ‘Butcher Blues’ is the anti-Band Aid, where the cast-off live tracks of four baggy-lovin’ stoners is heaps better (both morally and musically) than Bob Geldof’s latest, shocking music-for-PR exchange program. And it’d be so easy to label the work of these knuckle-dragging Leicester City fans as regressive Ian Brown plagiarism but, man, can’t you hear that lazy Zero 7 bassline?

This shit’s modern, dude – like baggy goes Buck Rogers, skinning up in the 25th century and all that. As live versions go, ‘Butcher Blues’ is basically the same experience as going to a McDonald’s in another country – you know what you’re getting, but it still manages to taste different than it did back home. It may not be an essential, life-changing track but, with the download proceeds going to Warchild, you may very well… sniff… change someone else’s.

Mike Sterry