The Fever : Bridge & Tunnel

This news just in! New York isn't dead yet!

Liars took up witchcraft. Interpol still couldn’t dredge up a single recognisable ‘tune’. Radio 4 got chewed up and swallowed by their own drum machine and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs moved to the country (for a bit).

Suddenly, in the year of Our Pete 2004, New York seemed about as alive as your average rapping crackhead. And then, SCREEECH! Jesus, Maude, did you see THAT? I coulda swore that was The Clash, Devo and Gang Of Four bike-chaining each other in a vicious East Village gang brawl! ‘Bridge & Tunnel’ – a front-runner for punk-pop single of the year that was criminally wasted as a bonus track on last year’s ‘Pink On Pink’ EP – is a frenzied battle-cry of the weekend Manhattanite and a bit like being knocked down by a speeding truck full of Psychedelic Furs albums. It’d make you pogo at your own funeral.

Mark Beaumont