The Secret Machines : Sad And Lonely

Pass the St John's wort…

After The Summer Of Love and The Autumn Of Atonement comes The Winter Of Woe. Yes, by now those philosopher’s stones that you were popping like smarties all summer have worn off, you’ve finally found your clothes and all that’s left is the faintly audible sound of gradually eroding serotonin for entertainment.

Don’t worry, though: Dallas-via-New York spacerock princelings Secret Machines know your misery. One of the more concise pop songs off their recent album – in that it goes on for five rather than ten minutes – ‘Sad And Lonely’ is a stunning 6am-and-shivering panic attack in musical form. The chorus isn’t much help: “Does it feel like those around want you to die?” they sing, over a noise like an army of laser-eyed 50-foot iron men on the march. Brrr.

Pat Long