Delays : Lost In A Melody

Janglesome dreamers get all funky-dunky…

Christ! What’s happened to Delays? Last time we looked, Greg Gilbert and his band of sunny South Coast janglers were the best Byrds-inspired power-pop pretty boys since Silver Sun (sigh).

Now, with Franz-fever in full swing and every Southampton charity shop from Shirley to Shoreling ransacked for rayon, they’ve returned with a filthy art-disco throb which, if it isn’t an exact facsimile of ‘Take Me Out’’s razor-cut riffola, is definitely in the same barber’s, and clearly the envious result of their recent US touring duties with FF. But guess what? Against all odds, ‘Lost…’ is the best static-electric shuffle since Jarvis got hit by lightning outside the Good Mixer in ’96. Electric-cute!

Paul Moody