The Golden Virgins : Renaissance Kid

Did they have drone-pop in 1574?

Bloody renaissance kids. Always hanging around our estate in their Nike ruffs and Burberry loon pants, shouting sonnets through pensioners’ letterboxes, singing madrigal hymns until all hours and nicking corrugated iron off allotments to invent basic helicopters. Not that the Elizabethan scamps would dig this slab of electrodrone-Weezer genius – there’s barely a lute in sight for a start. A bit Stereolab, a bit Six By Seven and a lot ‘android Ash’, ‘Renaissance Kid’ rocks the circuitboards with the rampant punk rock lust of men a third their age – judging by the look of them at Reading, the Virgins might have played in the interval of the first performance of The Taming Of The Shrew. Still, bazzin’ tune, sirrah.