The Magic Numbers : Forever Lost

Middle Earth-ish strummers soundtrack the summer

Ironic bank clerk threads; burbling Flock Of Seagulls synths; cutting edge grimecore remix by MC Fuckface? The Magic Numbers have none of these. The odds on them bonding with Pete D during a night on the ‘Whitechapel fondue’ remain as likely as Brandon Flowers opening The Killers’ Glasto set with a Skabba The Hutt medley. But with The Magic Numbers, that’s the point: after years spent honing their craft, conviction seeps from every pore. Far too self-assured for a second single, ‘Forever Lost’ is that rarest of things, a jangly feelgood hit of the summer which manages to be sweet without being marshmallow, brimming with sensitivity but never likely to corner you at three o’clock in the morning and start dribbling on about old girlfriends. “Darling what you gonna do now/Now that you’ve noticed/It all went wrong”, sighs Romeo, clearly with one eye on Moz’s title as lovelorn bard of bedsitland. Meanwhile the girls provide heartbreak harmonies, the bass throbs defiantly, and there’s even a Shangri-Las-style breakdown where the band all croon, “I want to learn/How to lie!”. If that doesn’t make you smile nothing will. The Magic Numbers, then: soon to be as popular as food.