The Subways : Rock&Roll Queen

Dark grunge for dark lovers

Watch out Nine Black Alps and other non-ironic wearers of checked flannel shirts – The Subways have come up with the grungiest riff since The Vines’ ‘Get Free’ earned them a year’s supply of McDonald’s burgers. While it may be some time before Billy Lunn goes supersize, The ’Ways do that quiet/loud thing with all the shiny glare of Dave Grohl’s 100-watt smile. Sadly, they don’t win the Cobain self-loathing lyrical award, because under its barely washed exoskeleton, snarled-up top lip and sulky, dead eyes, ‘Rock & Roll Queen’ is pretty much a loved-up paean to Billy’s missus Charlotte. But, hey, that doesn’t stop the scamp screaming with the red raw plea, “Be my little rock and roll queen” like Courtney Love put a fag out in his hair and kicked him in the short’n’softies.

Priya Elan