Louis XIV : God Killed The Queen

Rock clichés made cool

Rarely does the last 40 years of rock’n’roll find itself convincingly crammed into two minutes of handclaps and stoopid riffery, but blessed Bolan – here it is! On ‘God Killed The Queen’, San Diego quartet Louis XIV set out to prove that, yes, clichés can be your friend. And that imitation isn’t so much a form of flattery as a means of getting fucking minted. At times, singer Jason Hill’s Jagger-isms are so spot-on that you’ll almost be convinced that you can hear the smack of over-sized lips on the mic, and pleasingly, the whole affair comes to an abrupt halt in its final quarter for Hill to blearily cough, “I don’t know… what I’m doing heeeere”, as if he just awoke in the studio with the lights off, covered in what is, presumably, his own vomit. It’s over before it even gets started, but that’s often the way life’s greatest gifts go.