The Game : Dreams

Former G-Unit member makes a break for freedom

It takes a brave, or particularly foolish, sort of gentleman to suggest to 50 Cent he come take a suck on your dick, and only time will tell exactly which category Compton’s Jayceon Taylor falls into. One-time foot-soldier in 50’s G-Unit cartel, Taylor has not so much fallen out with his former colleagues as demanded his P45 and jumped off an enormous precipice with an anvil tied to his feet. This boy’s an ambitious one, though: on ‘Dreams’, he gatecrashes a soiree in hip-hop heaven, shimmying past the pearly gates to see “Easy talkin’ to Jam Master Jay” and placing a stake for a chapter in rap history by invoking everyone from Aaliyah to Martin Luther King. Yet what could be your standard rap braggadocio is elevated magnificently by a sumptuous, high-class brothel of a Kanye West production, all shimmering violins and lip-smacking porno bass.