The Magic Numbers : Love Me Like You

More celestial pop from lovely retro-ists

As the festivals become a hazy, hallucinogenic memory and the last of the magic mushrooms get hastily consumed before they’re sniffed out by the bomb dogs, one of the lasting memories must be how The Magic Numbers rose to the occasion like four gently baked folk-pop wholewheat baps, eking out an unnerving level of sunniness from even the crustiest of mud-lovers. They came, they played, they conquered. ‘Love Me Like You’ was one of the songs that got irony-free GLC fans and bare-chested men holding Heineken cans united in dropping to the foetal position and weeping with joy like orphans realising that Michael Jackson isn’t going to be their ‘new daddy’. With a chorus of “She don’t love me like you!” and the self-doubting, “All my life I’ve hurt the ones I love!” it’s not the most obvious of festival anthems but Romeo (with a little “doo-a-wooo-ooo!” help from Michele and Angela) manages to sound like the happiest depressive ever. And while it doesn’t quite scale the dizzy heights of The Beach Boys-on-CBBC’s-early-morning-shift hit that was ‘Forever Lost’, it still manages to cuddle up to your speakers with unforgettable nursery rhyme charm.