White Stripes : My Doorbell

Stripes’ doorbell ditty prompts NME hack to miss his Auntie

Ding dong, Jack White is thinking about his doorbell. Well, now I am, too. The best doorbell I ever encountered was my Auntie’s. It played ‘Greensleeves’. She used her doorbell like we use our ringtones. That was a gutsy move. If we did it these days, doorbells would become iPods for tramps. They’d go up and down streets until they found their ditty of choice, wait until the householder left, then prop open the letterbox and dance like Oliver Reed in the front garden. Anyway, believe it or not this song is even better than my Auntie’s doorbell. It’s one of those new-fangled piano-based White Stripes songs, and although this convivial sounding track tells of a reclusive Jack, cuckolded and ostracised by his pride, it remains irrepressibly catchy. Without doubt, summer 2005’s finest Knock-Down-Ginger anthem.