Kaiser Chiefs : I Predict A Riot/Sink That Ship

Kaiser Chiefs : I Predict A Riot/Sink That Ship

Band records new track. World wobbles on axis

Keen NME historians may be interested to know that it was this reviewer who wrote about ‘I Predict A Riot’ first time round. “Odds bodkins!” I spat, the stem of my crow’s feather scratching deep into the vellum. “Parva may have been uglier than the inside of a pig’s arse, but their new incarnation is louder and more entertaining than a bullock with a joust through his pizzle.”

Since then many things have happened. Some good (electricity), some bad (Nick Kaiser banging on about Parva all the time – get over it!). Meanwhile, ‘…Riot’ refuses to die. But at last, on the AA side of its second release, here’s a new track, and one that bodes brilliant for what will apparently turn out to be a piss-easy second album.

‘Sink That Ship’ kicks off with a guitar so fired up and rattly Ricky barely has time to draw breath before leaping into each manic verse. It’s a pop song, so I hope you won’t embarrass yourself asking me what it’s about. Suffice to say, the chorus is a beauty, a glorious blast of fevered doo-wop’n’roll that begs you to, “Sink that ship, do it all in one go”, to, “make mistakes, that’s what it takes”.

Less than a minute in they’ve got their teeth sunk into your leg and they never let go. All they need now is a gimmick. I suggest a dinosaur.