Franz Ferdinand : Do You Want To

A satirical deconstuction of being offered oral sex by strangers. Hard life

After ‘Take Me Out’’s titillating come-on, the seduction tactics of ‘Matinee’ and ‘Michael’’s night on the tiles, comes the slurred ultimatum in the hall of a decadent house party. Well, do you?

We thought they’d never ask. It’s been a long and eventful courtship that’s encompassed international acclaim, obscene record sales and, more recently, being mistaken for rogue MI5 agents, but this is the thrilling consummation and almost certainly Franz’s first Number One. Built on the same basic principles as ‘Take Me Out’ – two different songs, one monumental riff – it positively struts with self-confidence from the off, with Alex Kapranos roaring that “When I woke up tonight/I said I’m gonna make somebody love me” over the escalating opening racket before nudge-nudging, wink-winking us and declaring “You’re so lucky”. From there, it mutates into a sleek new-wave disco machine, all synthy guitars, vocal hooks, and snide asides about arty friends, fame and good old-fashioned blowjobs.

A wry skewering of celebrity culture, a dash of sexual intrigue and a ruddy great tune that’ll you’ll be utterly sick of humming by the year’s end – the charts don’t stand a chance.