Passion Pit – ‘I’ll Be Alright’

Passion Pit - 'I’ll Be Alright'

An explosive comeback track

When Passion Pit’s ‘Take A Walk’ landed a couple of months ago, its recession-based lyrics and familiar-sounding synths weren’t the explosive comeback we’d been expecting from the band’s first track for three years. Thankfully, on ‘I’ll Be Alright’, bandleader Michael Angelakos has plugged into the unfamiliar sounds of glitchy, maximalist Warp producers like Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, and now there’s dynamite (and darkness) to spare.

Endlessly twisting and distorting his voice through something called a “kaleidoloop”, he turns his attention to more personal affairs as he sings about gin-swigging, pill-necking and bad times before announcing: “Go if you want to, I’ll be alright”. You’d be forgiven for missing that lyrical gloom though, because his tale of woe is buried underneath a whole heap of hyperactive Friendly Fires-style optimism. As they proved song after song on 2009’s ‘Manners’, Passion Pit are always been at their best when smuggling this kind of heart-on-sleeve honesty into their ecstatic sound. And if there’s more of this to come, it could save summer.

[i]Kevin E.G Perry[/i]