Santigold – ‘Big Mouth’

Santigold - 'Big Mouth'


Santi returns with this conga frenzy

Following on from the skinny-tie charm of ‘Go’, ‘Big Mouth’ finds Santi doing her glitch-infused, reverb-y thing to full effect.

Feeling like there’s about 900 ideas which have been bottled into 180 seconds (minimalist percussion, a hot-to-trot beat and the throwing up of all number of nursery rhyme shapes) ‘Big Mouth’ shoots its load not a million miles away from her celebratory Major Lazer collaboration ‘Hold The Line’ (not surprising considering the production duties were handled by ML’s Switch and Buraka Som Sistema).

The track peaks during the chorus, with its staccato, staple gun beats, which have enough Conga line joie de vivre to make Friendly Fires jealous. It’s like ‘Creator’ got jacked up on rum ‘n’ coke whilst hopping up and down on a trampoline. Messy.

Four years ago it may have seemed like Santigold was M.I.A’s little sister, chasing after her post-world music coattails, but after everyone from Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Nicola Roberts co-opted the sound she made her own, on ‘Big Mouth’, she’s reclaiming the vibe which she originated.

Priya Elan

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Director: Switch and Buraka Som Sistema
Record label: Atlantic
Release date: 18 Jan, 2012