10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (17/11/09)

10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (17/11/09)

Shy Child, The Golden Filter, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

This week’s playlist features the return of Roisin Murphy, a romantic helping of “proper schmindie” from Planet Earth, and some “space-baile-funk-bounce” courtesy of Buraka Som Sistema.

1. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars

It’s been great over the last year to watch these New York sugar-rush dreampoppers become proper word-of-mouth success, and this lead single off their new EP of the same name proves there’s plenty more sweetness yet to come, reworking as it does the heart of The Cure’s classic ‘Just Like Heaven’ with extra galloping-drum giddiness.


2. Wetdog – Lower Leg

In the month that The Raincoats’ classic debut album is re-released, it’s fitting that three inheritors of their post-punk experimentalism have been spinning our wheels. Wetdog have long been our favourite yelpy terriers, and this track is like two totally different songs stitched together into a patchwork blanket of awesome.


3. Wild Palms – Over Time

Remember those days a few years back when if you weren’t angular, you weren’t worth shit? Wild Palms do, and this, their taut and glamorously dark debut single, worships at the church of PiL before taking a careless swig of brandy and heading out to pull some girls in eyeliner.


4. Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk

It’s herky, it’s jerky, it’s mile-a-minute, it’s everything we love about guitars and boys. Bloc Party might not want to stay on hiatus too long with them around.


5. Samuel And The Dragon – Diamonds On A Boat

If you thrilled to The xx’s rich dubstep torch songs or Memory Tapes’ romantic cut-and-paste electronic dreampop this year, you’ll be all over this dreamy, slo-core synth number.


6. Planet Earth – Bristol And Back

Just what we like from the ace Young And Lost Club label – proper schmindie with a heartbroken mumble and a romantic strum. Want a badge with that?

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7. Shy Child – Criss Cross

These disco-funk new ravers were once the light of our lives, and it’s good to see them back with this low-key, pulsing, keytar-fuelled track. Glowstick?

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8. The Golden Filter – Thunderbird

Known in Blogland as go-to-guys for a sexy remix, these New Yorkers aren’t so bad with their own tunes either. This one pays tribute to the mythological storm-bringing raptor. But with fat disco beats and that.


9. Roisin Murphy – Orally Fixated

Er… cripes. Roisin’s been the mistress of formidable dancefloor pop ever since her Moloko days, and she just keeps getting better. Opening with Alice In Wonderland cries of ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’, the scarily deep techno-house and cavernous drums of this track suggest a world of out-of-control passion to get lost in before morphing into Basement Jaxx-ish hip-hop-house-pop.


10. Buraka Som Sistema – Restless

More of a straight-up club banger than anything that appeared on ‘Black Diamond’, this one-off radio beast features spookily distorted vocals and a low evil buzz with a kind of space-baile-funk-bounce.