Sophia Knapp – ‘Into The Waves’

Sophia Knapp - 'Into The Waves'


A debut full of vibrant ’70s songwriting

As support on Bill Callahan’s 2009 UK tour, [a]Sophia Knapp[/a]’s dreary twanging on about the sea was forgettable at best, so a debut solo album called ‘Into The Waves’ feels rather ominous. Yet somehow, seafaring sap has been replaced by vibrant ’70s songwriting, coming on like a brighter Julee Cruise fronting Fleetwood Mac. Opening trio ‘Glasses High’, ‘The Right Place’ and ‘Into The Waves’ are carried on a balmy, glitzy strut, fading into barbiturate-laced disco wooze. Callahan himself inadvertently describes their vocal relationship on ‘Weeping Willow’, singing, “[i]A river bends and sways below the concrete, cold and grey[/i]”. The notorious grump is dead right.

[i]Laura Snapes[/i]


Director: Jay Israelson, Eric Gorman
Record label: Drag City
Release date: 27 Feb, 2012