Spank Rock: Sweet Talk

Baltimore rude-rappers get funky on yo’ ass

Hip-hop moves at such a pace that if you’re six months out of date, you’re five years out of date. Spank Rock’s latest single is about 19 years out of date, making it 246 years out of date in real time, but it’s actually pretty charming (Can hip-hop be charming? Discuss) in its unabashed dirty funkiness and lack of pretensions to be anything other than a big rump-shaking stew of funky nonsense. Annoyingly, it rather cocks it up after three minutes of choppy funk guitar and lyrical numbskullery by introducing a superfluous lady vocalist who goes on to do absolutely bugger all, but it’s a nice old skool biscuit to nibble on nevertheless. There’s an excellent, punchy electro reworking by Kalbatta too, for all you Kalbatta fans.