Suuns – ‘2020’

Suuns – '2020'

How much music is out there that genuinely freaks you out?

How much music is out there that genuinely freaks you out? Really gives you the heebie-jeebies? Sends a chill of fear into your ears, down your spine and around your brain? Well, ‘2020’, the new one taken from Canadian quartet Suuns’ second album ‘Images Du Futur’, does. It begins with a deep bass wobble that sounds like the rumble of a giant’s stomach. A descending creepy-like-the-Pixies riff follows, but it’s Ben Shemie’s whispered vocals that quietly usher in the terror. He starts harmlessly enough, explaining that “What you see is what you see”, then builds painfully slowly to spitting “Did you? Did you? Did you?” into your ear like he’s grabbed you by the throat to falsely accuse you of committing a terrible crime. Panic fully sets in when the squeaky horror-film solo arrives. The overall result is four minutes that sound a bit like the last Liars album – if it had been produced by Satan. Listen to ‘2020’ walking down the road and look over your shoulder for a stalker. Listen alone in your house and be surprised when you open the bedroom door and the walls aren’t drenched in blood. When Suuns released their debut album ‘Zeroes QC’ back in 2010 it was excitingly eerie, but this ups the ante to become the soundtrack to your worst nightmares.

Tom Howard