The Dandy Warhols : Smoke It

The Warhols are back after their documentary outing

Picture, if you will, Bob Dylan joining forces with the Stones on a wacked-out trip down Route 66 with enough Jack Daniel’s to sink a ship full of George Bests. Not the prettiest sight, but certainly a bit of laugh. ‘Smoke It’ is about doing drugs, sticking it to the man and not giving a damn about the consequences, and is so at one with its boho campiosity that promo copies arrived wrapped in Frankie Goes To Hollywood tribute ‘Warhols Say… Smoke It!’ T-shirts. It’s even got a bloody great trademark “woo-hoo” bit in it. After the hilarious ‘are they taking the piss?’ documentary Dig!, it’s hard to take the Dandy Warhols seriously – not that we ever really did – but while they’re still making dizzy rock tunes as stomping as this, it’s hard to find too much fault with the raggle-taggle, perma-stoned boys and girl.