Editors: Bullets

Editors shoot to kill

When ‘Bullets’ was originally released, it sold out faster than wellies at this year’sGlasto. And with good reason. Despite the success of dark, goatee-stroking classics like ‘Munich’ and ‘Blood’, ‘Bullets’ remains the Brummie boys’ finest (and most original) moment. Basking in its weird contradictions – it sounds like an adrenalised Cure spitting out the cobwebs but its lyrical haughty bluster might just be sunnier than 100 Oprah Winfrey-commissioned self-help tomes – it remains instantly thrilling. “You don’t need this disease/Not right now” singer Tom Smith chants about a million different ways, each time sounding closer to actually believing it himself. A glorious pop moment to be savoured. The band will be hard pressed to better it.