The Flaming Lips: The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

The politics of the playpen

“AYE-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY!” And so begins Wayne Coyne’s latest far-left political diatribe disguised as a big, fantastically fluffy pop song sung by clowns. It takes a certain grey-bearded genius to write a song that both brutally attacks George W Bush as a warmongering, cash-hungry, populus-hating fuckwit (“If you could blow up the world with a flick of a switch, would you do it?/Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!… If you could make your own money and give it to everybody, would you do it?/No-no-no-no!”) and could be used as the theme to The Tweenies – all Muppet-style “yay!”ing, Smash advert robot duets and the general mood of the revolution kicking off on Sesame Street. And as for that Tony Blair – well, he’ll be first against the Velcro wall.