The Fratellis: Chelsea Dagger

Pogo pirates creep up the chart's backstairs

This is not, as the title suggests, an ode to a steam-powered Victorian sex toy. It’s about an androgynous groupie, in which case, calling it ‘I Couldn’t Properly Determine Your Gender On The Dancefloor (But I’ll Do Ya If You’re A Lass)’ may have been more apt. And while it’s hard to get away from the fact that The Fratellis sound like they were the gang in the year above that were always shoving Alex Turner into the lockers, ‘Chelsea Dagger’ puts paid to any such comparisons by being so violently bouncy it’s in danger of putting its head through the ceiling-fan. If you don’t find yourself thirsting for a pint’n’punch-up afterwards, chances are you’re dead inside.