The Killers: Bones

Indie’s newest shag anthem

You probably know this already, but heck, know it again. Simple as you like and effortlessly loveable, ‘Bones’ is right out of an ’80s teen movie with its scratchy riffs and ever-so-slightly cheesy keyboard noodles – and in the realms of cheesiness, we’re talking vast slabs of reeking sweaty Camembert here – and periodically dovetails into the kind of soaring, faintly overwrought chorus for which the chaps are rightly adored. Not sure however, if “Don’t you want to come with me/Don’t you want to feel my bones/On your bones” is quite the right way of getting someone to bump uglies with you, but the presence of this, and indeed pretty much everything The Killers do right now, in your record collection won’t do any harm.