The Vines: Don’t Listen To The Radio

Sydney’s shaggiest return from pop’s hospital wing

They’re back! The band who inspired the Arctic Monkeys (fact!) return, sadly sans dreamboat bassist Patrick Matthews but with Craig Nicholls back to the full songwriting fitness of ‘Get Free’. Unofficially on the net (for about a week) prior to their ‘official’ comeback single in a month or two, ‘Don’t Listen To The Radio’ is a corker, a ‘Fuck The World’-ish sermon on the evils of technology welded to a chorus which suggests Nicholls has been forced to listen to a musical adaptation of Morgan Spurlock’s anti-burger epic Super Size Me. “Don’t listen to the radio/ Hear something I already know/I-I-I got no radio!” he spits over garage rock’s equivalent of an acid bath. Tune.