The Zutons: Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love?

Oh but we will, Zuton-types. We will

It’s funny how it tears you apart. It hits you in the groin, and then the heart and the head follow a bit later. Yes, this is the Zutes in altogether more raunchy and libidinous shapes than we’re used to, stomping along as they essay a tale that isn’t so much one of obsessive love than it is a Fred West diary entry. Say what you like of lyrics like, “I make you mine/I keep you locked downstairs… I keep you in my cellar safe and I keep you there ’til dawn /I wait until the sun comes up and I poke and prod you more” but they’re unlikely to win over the wavering paramour. But it gallops along at such a terrific whack and builds to such a heft that you’ll love it anyway, even as you make a mental note to look into restraining orders.