This Week’s Single Reviewed (21/04/12)

This Week's Single Reviewed (21/04/12)

Pulled Apart By Horses, Miles Kane, Willy Moon

[i]This week’s single releases reviewed by [i]NME[/i]’s Laura Snapes[/i]

[b]Pulled Apart By Horses – ‘Wolf Hand'[/b]

“[i]When I was a kid, I was a dick/And nothing changes[/i]” wins lyric of the week by a country mile. When I was a kid, I once put my finger in a pencil sharpener to see if it’d go pointy (it went flappy), so I sympathise with singer James Brown. The brilliant idiocy of the lyrics is matched by a riff that sounds like Bloc Party’s ‘Helicopter’ made over by Michael Bay, lurching and screaming like a monster truck being ripped in two.

[b]Reptar – ‘Stuck In My ID'[/b]

Stealthily triangulating the wimpiest bits of Bombay Bicycle Club and Foster The People, Reptar’s nervy twangs and Graham Ulicny’s vocals are painfully choked – and there’s no way such tinny, asthmatic fare could sustain five minutes of activity, the length of time this rot overstays its welcome. Still, when you’ve got sunstroke at a festival this summer, you’ll temporarily convince yourself that it’s “euphoric”.

[b]Allo Darlin’ – ‘Europe'[/b]

While singer Elizabeth Morris has clearly missed a trick in not using the upcoming French elections as a snappy romantical allegory (suggestion: “Life looks pretty rosy/Unless you’re Nicolas Sarkozy”), there’s a continent of sweetness in this breathless ditty, which makes like The National’s ‘Apartment Story’ gone country.

[b]Miles Kane – ‘First Of My Kind'[/b]

Miles wants so desperately for this Skream-produced track to soundtrack a ’60s Bond film that one imagines the little tart would sashay across the Atlantic in a slinky gold number to secure the job. His declaration that “[i]true romance is what I’m after, daaahhhlin[/i]’” tickled this writer ever so, having watched Miles pash his way across the room at this year’s NME Awards.

[b]Willy Moon – ‘Yeah Yeah'[/b]

This is as baffling as it is banal, veering between a stuttering sample of the joyful honk from the start of ‘Jump Around’ and a Black Eyed Peas-erudite “na na na na” section. Then Wizzle Manizzle declares, “[i]Everybody, don’t you know it’s me now? Who is it? Willy’s back with a brand new beat now[/i]”, like some CBeebies-sanctioned MC.

[b]Selebrities – ‘Night Heat'[/b]

With the title and Maria Usbeck’s puckered vocal, Selebrities probably think this song is well febrile and warm around the trouser region. However, its parping bass, Fisher Price ‘My ’80s Drum Kit’ doof doof doofs and what appears to be the sound of a toilet dripping are timely reminders that enticing the opposite sex into your clutches isn’t quite as easy as Miles Kane makes it seem.

This article originally appeared in the April 21st issue of NME

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