This Week’s Singles Reviewed (28/04/12)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (28/04/12)

Skepta, Feeder, The Heartbreaks

NME’s Tom Howard reviews this week’s singles

Skepta – ‘Make Peace Not War’

Skepta’s the kind of modern guy who uses his clout as a musician to make a porno to promote last year’s ‘All Over The House’. This tune isn’t so lucky, making do with a sample of C+C Music Factory’s ultra-banger ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ and a cowbell, and Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson in the vid. Dude just wants to party.

Feeder – ‘Children Of The Sun’

A song so harmless it would in theory be possible not to even notice it was playing. It’s unfair to have a pop though, ’cos Feeder are Feeder and they know they’re Feeder, and they’re not doing anything else other than just being Feeder. A Feeder song for Feeder fans that sounds like Feeder. It’s a download and 7-inch only, because if there’s one thing Grant Nicholas hates, it’s CDs.

Tellison – ‘Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart’

Initially this sounds like music for couples who spend weekends on bike rides, but then Peter Philips sings “My dentist’s a girl from France/I fancy off her pants/She says to me, ‘Please take care of your teeth’/And I say, ‘Please take care of my heart’” and you realise it’s about dentist lust. Real-life shit.

The Heartbreaks – ‘Delay, Delay’

Delay, delay, delay, delay, delay, delay, delay”, goes the chorus. “If there’s something burning in your heart, it’s foolish to delay”. No, The Heartbreaks, incorrect. No-one needs a brand new jingly-jangly indie pop band who sing about nothing. It’s 2012, and this isn’t what you wanna listen to when you’re watching a video of a fluorescent cat firing lasers out of its eyes.

Far East Movement ft Justin Bieber – ‘Live My Life’

When the JBieb tells us he’s gonna “live my life knowing that we’re going to be alright”, I for one am fucking glad. I’m worried about the kid. All that money. All those bright white teeth. It’s not easy. Also, for being the first song to reference Googlemail’s truly excellent chat function, Gchat, maximum kudos.

Sub Focus ft. Alice Gold – ‘Out The Blue’

Person one: drum’n’bass dude Sub Focus (aka Nick Douwma) who flicked knobs on Example’s ‘Kickstarts’ and gives ‘Out The Blue’ its Hudson Mohawke-esque squawk. Person two: singer-songwriter Alice Gold, who’s about to tour with The Dears and lends a slightly clubby vocal. Together: four minutes that wash over you like the wake of a boat, when it should feel like a fucking tsunami.