This Week’s Single Reviews (18/06/12)

This Week's Single Reviews (18/06/12)

Breton, First Aid Kit, Flo Rida

[i]NME’s Hamish Macbain reviews this week’s single releases[/i]

2:54 – ‘Creeping’

Once upon a time, many years ago, the demo of what is now the closing tune on the Thurlow sisters’ just-out debut was one of the tunes that got us excited about them in the first place. Back then it was scuzzy and lo-fi. And yet fortunately the requisite big label production sheen – and the Zane Lowe plays and the video with horses and trees and rivers and all that – have subtly enhanced rather than totally smothered its melodic charms. Which makes a nice change.

Maroon 5 ft Wiz Khalifa – ‘Payphone’

 It’s not like Adam Levine’s hyper-hateable troupe need to worry about their singles being smashes anymore, but just to be safe, they’ve roped in a megastar rapper. Also: ‘Payphone’? To get anyone involved in the making of this tune even within a square mile of a payphone, there would have to be some kind of apocalypse. And speaking of apocalypses, when this shit is getting 25 million views on YouTube even prior to its release, God’s trigger finger has got to be getting itchy.

Breton – ‘Foam’

 You’ll know the other side of this double-A ‘(‘Jostle’) from Breton’s debut album ‘Other People’s Problems’, so we’ll proceed straight to ‘Foam’, on which they cut the guitars entirely and head down a much more straight-ahead dancefloor path. Still, if you ask me, they’re still a long way off making people who like dancing and are good at it get up and move their feet.

The Futureheads – ‘Beeswing’

 Let’s be honest: the whole a cappella thing might have been a cute little idea in principle, but it was a bit much over a full album. Still, if you’re looking for an example of when it works well, there ain’t a better example on ‘Rant’ than this finger-clickin’ good Richard Thompson cover.

First Aid Kit – ‘Blue’

 Jack White loves ’em, of course, but frankly if I was doing what First Aid Kit do and he didn’t, I’d be worried. They covered ‘We’re Gonna Be Friends’ with Bright Eyes earlier this month. Their last single was called ‘Emmylou’, for God’s sake, and this one shares its name with a Joni Mitchell album and his fave new colour. Helps that it’s quite beautiful as well.

Flo Rida – ‘Whistle’

It begins… with a whistle. It continues: “Can you blow my whistle baby, let me know/Girl I’m gonna show you how we do it and we go real slow”. The video setting: Flo Rida, topless, head shaved, shorts on, on a cliff edge. Other video personnel: women in bikinis, some allowed to whistle to take Flo Rida’s dream outlined at the beginning of this track one step closer to reality.

This article originally appeared in the June 16th issue of NME

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