This Week’s Singles Reviewed (04/08/2012)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (04/08/2012)

Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Ben Howard

The latest singles reviewed by NME’s Sian Rowe

Pet Shop Boys – ‘Winner’

It’s easy to hate on the Olympics. The traffic. The tracksuits that look like sperm costumes. TV being rubbish. To counteract all this, the Pet Shop Boys have released one of the most uplifting songs in the history of the Pet Shop Boys. “You’re a winner! I’m a winner!” they sing on ‘Winner’. Even if you’re a goth with a dead cat as a pet you’ll start slow-waving your arms and crying at just how inspired you are by it all.

Redlight – ‘Lost In Your Love’

It’s a scientific fact that humans are so easily manipulated that a house vocal about love, a ‘doo doo’ synth and an enormous drop will result in amazing dancing wherever you are. This track from Redlight, aka DJ and producer Hugh Pescod, does it so well that this writer shouted, “YOUR WEEKEND STARTS HERE” really loudly at some passing strangers when listening to it on headphones during a lunchbreak. Yes, yes, it’s nothing new, but then neither is breathing and we still love that.

Madonna – ‘Turn Up The Radio’

Pop law dictates that songs about the radio are brilliant (Donna Summer, The Clash, The Corrs – they’ve all done it). But despite Madge’s sassy call for everyone to “Turn up the radio/Ask me where I wanna go/Turn up the radio” this feels so flat we’re switching straight over to Rinse FM. Sorry MDNA, we tried.

Tashaki Miyaki – ‘Best Friend’

Do you have fit hair, legs that come up to your armpits and the ability to make smoking look so cool it convinces people it’ll make you LIVE FOREVER? Then you’ve probably spent the summer seducing sexy hipster boys to this wistful, ‘just done a bit of laughing gas’-voiced garage track from LA group Tashaki Miyaki. As for us, pass the fucking poncho.

Ben Howard – ‘Old Pine’

 If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise. Because, like Ben Fogle if he shaved, dressed up as a child and could play guitar, Ben Howard is off on an adventure. “We slept like dogs down by the fireside”, he mews like Bon Iver. “Awoke to the fog all around us, the boom of summer time”. He then got eaten by midges, fell in the river and developed mild trench foot. Poor Ben Howard.

Taken By Trees – ‘Dreams’

We first heard this song on top blog Gorilla Vs Bear in a week when they’d already posted three other songs with ‘dreams’ in the title. What does it all mean? Is the real world too hard? If so, this should do the trick, as it’s nicer than a cuddle in a slanket.