This Week’s Singles Reviewed (25/08/2012)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (25/08/2012)

Two Door Cinema Club, Feeder, The Hives

The latest singles reviewed by NME’s Matt Wilkinson

Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Sleep Alone’

Is there anything that can stop Tintin and friends – sorry, Two Door – now? As Reading and Leeds loom, Bangor’s new fave sons sit godlike at the top of the indie pile, surrounded by the carcasses of those who’ve failed to move the T4 masses in such a way since… oooh, Kaiser Chiefs circa 2006. Bombay? Slayed. The Vaccines? Annihilated. The Horrors? Mutilated and sent for taxidermy. Messrs Trimble, Baird and Halliday know the key to making serious waves in this business, and ‘Sleep Alone’ is their biggest anthem yet.

Feeder – ‘Idaho’

Tasty as Feeder bassist Taka Hirose’s Japanese food range is (true story – and props to Taka’s PR for the free grub sent to the NME office last week), it really is time these feckless wankers fucked off for good, innit? ‘Idaho’, then: it’s a drivetime paean to life on the road and all the frivolity that comes with it. We can imagine it now… actually, we can’t. What do Feeder get up to on tour? Cross-stitching? Marker-pen tattooing? Endless reruns of Man Vs Food? Mmm food… more katsu please, Taka. The usual address will do just fine.

Little Mix – ‘Wings’

A little known fact about ‘Wings’: it samples a Professor Paul Lansky’s ‘Mild Und Leise’ – aka the very same song Radiohead pilfered from to make ‘Idioteque’. Oh, OK, that’s not strictly true. But there is an underlying theme to Little Mix’s shtick that bears an uncanny resemblance to Oxford’s finest. Hmm, alright, we’re lying again. This is every bit as pain-inducing as you thought it would be. There, said it.

The View – ‘The Clock’

Avert your minds from his quite excellent nickname (hi Crazy Mo!), and you’ll see that The View’s drummer Steven Morrison is currently rocking the finest facial hair since Spinal Tap hero Derek Smalls. Mainly because it’s the exact same facial hair Derek Smalls had. We feel this befits his band’s new soft-rock direction rather well. ‘The Clock’ pushes all Kyle Falconer’s inner Fleetwood Mac-isms to the fore and, frankly, if we were in Haim right now, we’d be cosying up to his furry brow to make some right skeezy babies.

The Hives – ‘Wait A Minute’

And to think, we were almost about to pick Benga from the steaming pile of SoundCloud turds in front of us to write about. How could we?! Especially when The Hives are in there too, pretending to be Iggy Pop from the early ’80s, around about the time he went all corporate and started pretend-shagging teddy bears on kids’ TV shows. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Ain’t nothing wrong with this either.

This article originally appeared in the August 25th issue of NME

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