This Week’s Singles Reviewed (22/09/2012)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (22/09/2012)

Dappy, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear

The latest singles reviewed by NME’s Issy Sampson

Dappy – ‘Good Intentions’

Given that Dappy’s lyrics are usually drawn straight from Big Brother contestant interviews, this is a surprisingly introspective song. “Why is the silence so loud?” he wonders. “Am I wrong to think that the world’s got it in for me?” This sub-Ed Sheeran ballad tells us that if Dappy’s doing something wrong, it’s only because he meant well.

Drop Out Venus – ‘Elastic Teen Rent’

Singer Iva Moskovich describes this track as “bubblegum porn” – which, as anyone who’s ever had chewing gum stuck in their hair knows, would be both a bit rubbish and hugely annoying. It’s the worst song ever to have sex to: filthy lyrics like “Satisfy my cunt/Satisfy my cock/Satisfy my mouth” will have you diving to skip the track quicker than, er, getting chewing gum stuck somewhere intimate.

Passion Pit – ‘Take A Walk’

This song is pure upbeat happy bouncy joy. It makes you want to SKIP and JUMP until you’re sick from a mixture of excitement and cheap vodka. Try not to listen too hard to the lyrics though: it’s about debt, taxes, poverty and how it can all be solved by, um, taking a walk. Double-dip recession? Quick stroll.

Grizzly Bear – ‘Yet Again’

Jangly ’70s guitars are probably lovely to listen to if you’re in the actual ’70s, getting stoned in sunny California, but if you’re playing this in the car park queue for Morrisons while it’s raining, it’s a bit boring. If you can make it all the way through without thinking about ‘Two Weeks’, then congratulations.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Endless Shore’

Melody Prochet (the owner of the er, Echo Chamber) says she loves “listening to music sitting in the first wave of a quiet and warm sea”. And although we have no idea how you find the first wave of a sea, this is what ‘Endless Shore’ sounds like: floaty, a bit hazy, beautiful and full of hot-French-girl-with-a-nice-fringe breathiness.

DJ Fresh – ‘The Feeling ft ReVaughn’

It’s 2026 and you’re picking your son up from school. “Daddy, what’s music and why don’t we have it any more?” he says, all wide-eyed curiosity. “Where did you hear that word?” you’ll ask in horror. “We can’t talk about music. Something terrible happened 14 years ago and the government decided that music was over. We don’t have it any more for your safety.” And as you walk your child to your hoverboard, you’ll shake your head and just say, “Why, DJ Fresh? Why?”